The discipline of forgiveness

20 January 2020

As we embark upon a new year there seems to be a buzz going around about 2020 vision. In thinking about what 2020 vision means, I reflect on this idea of seeing things more clear and no longer stuck in an unhealthy place due to lack of clear sight. When an individual experiences 2020 vision, it makes the journey easier to travel. This doesn't mean that trouble will not come, or that life will be a cake walk but what it does mean is that walking through life's difficulties can be an easier experience than it would be with blurred vision.

There are several things that can prevent 2020 vision but today I want to focus on one of them, forgiveness. A simple definition of forgiveness is the decision to release anger and feelings of resentment. I am often asked this question when discussing forgiveness, "does this mean that I have to be in a relationship with the individual?". The answer to this is a resounding ABSOLUTELY NOT! Forgiveness and restoration of relationship are two different things. You can release your anger and resentment toward someone and still choose not to have a relationship with them particularly if they continue with harmful and unhealthy behaviors concerning you.

Now you may be wondering, well why is forgiveness important then if the relationship is not restored? I'm so glad that you asked! Forgiveness is not so much about the other person(s) as it is about you and your freedom and overall health. That's right, you read that right, unforgiveness has a negative impact on our health. But how, you ask? I'll be addressing this question and many more as we explore and discuss forgiveness unleashed.